Seasoned, polished, oil wood; the result is the soft and warm effect of a wooden surface, which is synonymous with class and excellence, for all the styles. Wood is capably of perfectly embodying the traditional lifestyle and style as well as contemporary lifestyles full of design and creativity.

Wooden floors with traditional installation systems and patterns with great decorative effects. Wooden floors available in a wide range of hues, supplied polished and painted, ready to be installed on different types of sub layers, ready to be used right after their installation. Apart from being an excellent solution for new buildings, they allow to obtain extraordinary restoration results, where they can be employed to cover existing floors.
Off-the-shelf wooden floors with antiqued finishes, obtained by subjecting the wooden surface to a special processing which produces a natural antiqued effect, ideal to recreate all the warmth and charm of past atmospheres in every environment.
Inlaid floors which show how the ancient wooden inlay art has found its old splendour thanks to modern technologies, capable of recreating very complex patterns with a very high accuracy. The combination of different elements, with various chromatic patterns, creates an infinite range of ornamental patterns.
The inlay technique allows creating entire decorated floors, borders, middle-pieces and other inlays to highlight special areas of an environment.

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