Marble is alive.

You don’t have to be an expert to realize that it has stratified and settled over the years, and that it continues to change over time. When it is processed by expert hands, it can take on any shape, and tells a story on its own.

Entire civilizations used it in palaces and artworks throughout the centuries, because marble is an everlasting material, combining beauty and functionality.

We offer marble sheets, both with polished and antiqued finish, with different sized, obtained through a simple moulding and surface polishing process, which simulates its normal surface consumption. Charming decors to give value to floors and coverings, manufactured with great artisanal care and great attention to details.

Marble pebble stones with rounded edges, given by the extraordinary variety of shapes and colours, which offer infinite compositional possibilities. Flat and three-dimensional surfaces, which, combined in vertical spaces, create images of rare beauty.

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