Man has created wonderful works which braved centuries and millennia. Art has been the sublime spirit which has allowed mankind to create all these works, on which history has been written. Stone or glass have always been ideal to create these wonders; they have been used by art to mark the eras; they expressed themselves in mosaics and remained unspoilt, passing through the Etruscan and Greek-Roman glories and the Byzantine splendour.

Thanks to small and large mosaic scenes, apart from the strong ability of mankind to create artworks, it has been possible to backtrack techniques and materials, relaunching them in a new light, ideal for modern architectural applications.

Made with mosaic bottoms, stripes and panels, with antiques and polished stone material tiles, or with hand-cut coloured semi-transparent glass, veined with glaze and aventurine, with iridescent effect.

Artworks are created according to the classic mosaic tradition by expert mosaic workers, following the taste of a broad public of experts, through innovative offers which meet the diverse market needs.

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