Marble chips and topped concrete were created as low-cost products, and, just as in the best traditions, they acquired a precise identity, in the different eras, trends and styles; art nouveau, liberty, modernism, and others, to our present day.
Water, white concrete, marble and natural oxides are the materials of which these products are made, where coloured flower decors combine, and where play of perspective give the idea of drawing changing at every gaze.

The history of present times sees marble chips and topped concrete with a foot in the past; these materials are often used to renovate historical floors, thanks to the infinite possibilities of recreation of decors and colours which they allow; but technological progress, their extraordinary versatility, and a rediscovery of taste and beauty, has allowed marble chips and topped concrete to be used in any environment, from traditional to contemporary ones, from modern to vintage spaces.

Marble chip and concrete terrazzo tiles, high-quality and classy materials, which transform the desire of actualizing the past to embellish ancient and modern environments.

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