Natural Cotto, with the most famous classic and rustic finish, obtained with a rolling process by means of steel brushes that are made from raw before cooking.

Clay, water, fire and air are the four natural elements that with the help of human hands give life to handmade terracotta, a product that represents the essence of terracotta, the manual intervention of man makes each tile is never the same as another. Handmade enamelled cotto, the result of the perfect combination of the most ancient tradition and contemporary design, entirely produced in Italy with passion by master craftsmen, the result of historical research and collaboration with young designers, resulting in a unique and unrepeatable product

Products with external furnishings such as the sestino, the regino, the cimase covers the wall and any special piece for interior and exterior decoration, both in public and private spaces.

Artistic products in terracotta, such as vases with countless shapes, sizes and decorations, capitals and objects that for the warm tones of the cotto introduce a note of natural elegance, creating an atmosphere with a classic, always welcoming and refined taste.

Cooked Lombard obtained from the manual amalgam of clays of various types from marble surfaces and red / brown rosé chromatic streaks, with which you can create flooring in perfect harmony with any style.

Terracotta, tradition and quality

The terracotta floors are one of the oldest solutions and, to this day, more appreciated to give preciousness to a house. The material is obtained from the processing and firing of the clay and, even if over time the production has evolved, the cotto is always considered a poor material, but in vogue to furnish or restructure. As material has various qualities, it transmits heat, is ductile and elegant, the terracotta floor is in fact suitable for both indoor and outdoor (for outdoor use is previously treated to become waterproof).

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