Stone is surely the most oldest building material in the world, and man has told its story, by revealing its hidden beauty.

We try to offer new interpretations that can adapt to the different contemporary architectural styles, by offering a material of the past, albeit in a current way, in line with today’s environments.

A research which leads us to experiment new combinations, sparking new sensations and emotions for our customer’s homes.

Ceramiche San Paolo offers coverings made of natural stone pieces and quartzite, in different colours and pairings.


Murogeopietra embodies the memory of the past and the flow of time; it welcomes present innovations and announces future potential. Reconstructed stone coverings, made with cutting-edge technologies and using natural stone components in small quantities.

Thanks to its reduced weight and thickness, it can be easily installed over any pre-existing or new surface, while maintaining the same exposed stone look.

Murogeopietra is a finish that guarantees, meets and enhances outdoor heat insulation performances and complies with CasaClima criteria.

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