Porcelain stone, the absolute star of living and design environments, combines, in a single product, the highest use, aesthetic and design standards.

Thanks to digital printing contemporary production processes, this revolutionary process can be integrated by offering unlimited high-fidelity reproduction possibilities, opening new horizons in the design and creation of ceramic surfaces. Thanks to its nature, this system allows to create an infinite number of different graphic varieties of the same object, surpassing the concept of repetitiveness, typical of traditional reproduction techniques.

Floors and coverings show astounding aesthetic results for their accuracy, depth and aesthetic beauty, from natural stone, to fabric, wood, patterns, the ceramic material acquires new value, thanks to the possibility of creating images with virtually unlimited colour palettes and graphic representations.

Ecolabel-certified products, which give the customers the possibility of consciously purchasing ecodesign products.

ANAB-certified products, attesting the product compliance with green building standards.

LEED-certified products, manufactured using a certified percentage of recycled materials, higher than 20%.

3 or 6 mm thin layers, with record size up to 150×300, manufactured with cutting-edge technology using a porcelain stone mixture made of clay and fine raw materials. They are ideal for residential environments and to cover any type of furnishing. Ideal for indoor environments and for outdoor environments to cover buildings with ventilated walls or external insulation. A great product with an infinite range of applications.

Materials with technological antibacterial finishes, permanently installed in tiles, and efficient against bacteria-causing stains and odours. When the bacteria come into contact with the treated surface, the Microban technology acts by blocking their metabolism; in this way, their lifecycle and proliferation capacity is interrupted. The result is a constantly-shielded surface with high hygienic performance, wear and climatic condition-proof.

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